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Feature: Doctor Sleep, Stephen King, and Stanley Kubrick (Washington Post)

(Image: Warner Bros. Pictures)

"'Doctor Sleep' is the most ambitious film of the year. Continuing where 'The Shining' left off, it’s an all-new tale of supernatural powers and homicidal menace starring a grown-up Dan Torrance, the tricycle-riding, psychic little boy from the original movie. Its mission: not just to deliver a terrifying adaptation of Stephen King’s 2013 novel but to broker interdimensional peace between King and Stanley Kubrick over 1980’s 'The Shining,' a film King notoriously dislikes. Just as that movie’s Overlook Hotel is haunted by tragedies past, so 'Doctor Sleep' director Mike Flanagan must contend with Kubrick’s cinematic ghosts. Can he reconcile King and Kubrick’s divergent visions?"

For the full feature, visit The Washington Post.

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