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Review: Four Books for Pride Month (Washington Post)

It’s summer, it’s Pride Month, and there are more good books to choose from than there are sequins at a drag race.

Queer fiction’s on a tear right now, with big titles coming soon from Alan Hollinghurst, Garth Greenwell and Casey McQuiston. Miranda July’s “All Fours,” out last month, has already made Washington Post critic Ron Charles blush and turned Greenwell giddy with admiration. There’s also brilliant work from new and rising authors. Meredith Talusan wrote glowingly in these pages of Alana S. Portero’s trans bildungsroman “Bad Habit.” Patrick Nathan’s “The Future Was Color,” about a Jewish Hungarian émigré screenwriter in 1950s Hollywood, is a work of muscular poetic force, mysterious and arresting. I enjoyed “I Make Envy on Your Disco,” a funny and moving debut from Eric Schnall about an American art dealer haunted by infidelity, as well as Daniel Lefferts’s sexy political thriller “Ways and Means.” I’m eyeing Santiago Jose Sanchez’s “Hombrecito.” There simply aren’t enough hours in the day.

Perhaps because I too once benefited from an amazing dog-sitting gig in the West Village, I tore through Thomas Grattan’s “In Tongues"...

Books reviewed:

  • In Tongues by Thomas Grattan

  • Cecilia by K-Ming Chang

  • A Last Supper of Queer Apostles: Selected Essays by Pedro Lemebel, translated by Gwendolyn Harper

  • The Other Olympians: Fascism, Queerness, and the Making of Modern Sports by Michael Waters

For the reviews in full, visit The Washington Post.

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