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Review: The Beauty of Living Twice by Sharon Stone (Washington Post)

“Just make sure you keep getting up to bat, honey,” Joe Stone would tell his daughter when she was little. And bat she did. It took 12 years of acting for Sharon Stone to hit the big time, but success when it came, with “Basic Instinct,” was huge. Acclaim and award nominations followed for “Casino,” “The Mighty” and “The Muse.” A brain hemorrhage nearly killed her in 2001, but she recovered, then modeled for Dior. She’s raised millions for HIV/AIDS research and worked tirelessly to help homeless people in Los Angeles. She accepted the Peace Summit Award from the Dalai Lama in 2013.

Now 63, Stone has stepped back up to the plate with a candid memoir, “The Beauty of Living Twice.” While it contains some startling personal revelations, equally affecting is Stone’s warmth and grace, qualities that, by the end, feel quite miraculous. “I have learned to forgive the unforgivable,” she writes. “My hope is that as I share my journey, you too will learn to do the same.”

For the review in full, visit The Washington Post.

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