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Review: The Friday Afternoon Club by Griffin Dunne (LA Times)

Life’s what you make it, especially when times are hard.

For example: It’s past midnight and you’ve come to SoHo to see a woman you met in a diner but she’s not everything she seemed and you can’t afford the subway home because your money flew out the taxi window on the ride downtown so you bum around but end up getting mistaken for a burglar and then the woman from the diner overdoses and before you know it you’re being chased by a mob of punks led by a vigilante driving a Mister Softee truck. But you still make it to work on time.

Sure, this is the story of Martin Scorsese’s dark screwball classic “After Hours,” but, based on his own testimony, it could as easily be a night in the life of the film’s lead actor, Griffin Dunne. In his new memoir, “The Friday Afternoon Club,” Dunne, who would be nominated for a Golden Globe for his performance, recalls first reading the script.

For the review in full, visit The Los Angeles Times.

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